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Below are comments from some of the Clients I have had the privilege of working with....Wally Dufrat

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"I believe Wally Dufrat exceeded my expectations when I was buying my house Wally gave me the proper suggestions on how to attain my dream home. I am very grateful to him and his services, I would definitely recommend Wally Dufrat as an agent if you are looking for your dream home. Or if you want to sell your present home for the best price. Wally's expertise is by far superior to anyone else in the business. The strength of experience and integrity Wally posses will ALWAYS have my vote. "

Josef Engelhardt

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"Wally Dufrat is a 10/10!"

Maria & Joseph

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Thank you for your outstanding services! We are extremely happy with our purchase. We would highly recommend you to anyone looking to buy a house in the Brantford area. Thank you again for making our first buying experience a positive one.

James & Daniella

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It's been a road & I'm glad you have been there for me at the fork(s).

Sharing your knowledge has helped me now and I know I can call on you in the future.

Thanks for caring and being calm in the storm.

Proud to call you 'friend'.

Keep up the great work. You make a difference!


Coranne K. Plummer

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Dear Wally and the Team at Re/Max:

As first time home buyers, Wally exceeded our expectations.  Wally helped us with the home purchase and his knowledge and experience was more than we could have asked for.

Wally took the time to explain everything to Adam and myself, explained again if we didn't understand and answered any questions we had.  No matter what time of day it was, Wally was always there to help.  When we started looking at houses, Wally went around our busy schedules.

When we found the perfect house, we wouldn't have been able to do it without Wally and his Team.  Wally recommended Randy with the Home Inspection and Ennio helped with the legal paperwork.

We will always be grateful to Wally and the Team at RE/Max for all the hard work.

Thank you so much.

Kelly and Adam Reading
Brantford, ON

To Whom It May Concern:

I had the pleasure, this summer, of being Wally Dufrat's client.  I emphasize pleasure, because Wally's wealth of knowledge and experience made the process of acquiring an investment rental property a painless one.

He was supportive and incredibly dedicated to ensuring that I found the right property.  He works very hard for his clients, and it shows in his results.

Wally is, quite simply, the best.  In the future, he will be my choice.  Anybody looking for a truly excellent agent should look no further than Wally. 

I can't wait to work with him again next summer!

Best Regards,
Joe Wood
Brantford, ON


Thank your for stopping by the other day and bringing over the very thoughtful gifts.

We appreciate all you have done for us.  I really don't think that the purchase could have been made any easier.  Things went very smoothly and all our questions were answered.  We both felt very comfortable dealing with you and have recommended you to people we know and will continue to do so.  Thanks again.

Melanie and Jason Bonny
Brantford, ON


For all you've done
For your kind advice,
and for the most awesome
Housewarming gift,
Thank you.
You go above and beyond!
Donna Tony & Andy Varas


I am writing you again to thank you for all your help with our first home purchase.  You went above and beyond what was expected.  I think I lost track of how many offers we put in on how many different houses.  Your advice along the way certainly helped guide us to our current home. Further your advice during the offer process helped get it for the price we did.  I am very happy we walked when we walked away, and buckled down when we did.  Your experience was priceless.  I definitely got the impression that you are in this business for the "love of it", and not the money.  If it was the latter, you certainly are going to go broke dealing with the likes of me.

I would also like to thank you again for the house warming presents, they were unexpected and are greatly appreciated.  In the spring when we have the front of the house cleaned up better I will get a picture of all of us out front. 

Raymond Knight

To: Anyone wishing to purchase or sell a home !

We would like to recommend Mr. Wally Dufrat to you !

Wally is an Excellent and Honest Salesman. He is the kind of guy that makes you feel at ease with him and the Real Estate business, right from the very first meeting with him.

We were very impressed with Wally's dedication to his work. He was always available, always had suggestions and advice when asked. If we had a question that he couldn't answer, he'd check it out and get right back to us.

We feel we really put Wally to the test. We had many expectations of what we wanted in our next home, not to mention a good price and great location.

WELL, Wally came through for us !! We now have our perfect retirement home, perfect location, and at a great price!


Thank You Mr. Dufrat !!!

Your time and patience will be long remembered.

Mr. & Mrs. R. W. Peelar
Brantford, Ontario

To Whom It May Concern:

We bought this house using Wally Dufrat as our agent. We contacted him through the internet. His offer to show new listings on our email attracted us.

We decided to try to buy a house after renting for 20 years after being introduced to the home buyer's plan. We consolidated our debts and tried to get a mortgage organized. The person who was our agent was impossible to contact. We kept getting her answering machine and she would seldom call back.

Wally came up with a mortgage broker and promised to keep in touch.

We liked Wally because he certainly did keep in touch, using the internet, email, our cell phones and our landlines and in person. He showed us any properties we were interested in and always was on time. He advised us about some of the pitfalls and problems with some of the properties we viewed, he boosted our spirits when it seemed that we would never find the right place. When it appeared that the deal would not go through, he never gave up and was patient with my solicitor. He still contacts us by email almost a month after closing. He came by to personally thank us for our business a week after closing. Throughout, he was positive and open to communication at any time.

We would recommend Wally as a buyer's agent to anyone.

Donna & Lawrence Rickard
Brantford, Ontario


To whom it may concern

We would like to recommend Mr. Wally Dufrat to anyone who is looking to buy a home.

Mr. Dufrat was nothing but generous in his ability to get us our first home. We had a lot of difficulty getting what we needed for our first home and he bent over backwards to help us.

We cannot express the words to tell you how much he has helped us.

If you want someone to stand behind you, Mr. Dufrat is the person to call.

Robert and Leah Robbins
Brantford, Ontario


Dear Wally;

Don and myself would like to extend our most heart filled thanks for your help in our hunt for the most perfect property to buy.

We have discussed you many times and have come to the conclusion that without your help we would have never located the ideal house for us. You are a very resourceful agent and showed great dedication in helping us to find the home we were looking for. Your daily e-mails are wonderful and so informative. We would also like to thank you for your patience and honesty during our search. With your insight we did not waste our time looking at properties that were not suitable for us. It was reassuring to know that your input on the properties we looked at was genuine and to our benefit.

We would like you to know that we would recommend you to anyone looking for a house. We have already mentioned your name a few times and will continue doing so.

Thanks again Wally!

Yours truly,

Don Morrison & Wanda McEwan

P.S. Stop by for a visit!


Dear Wally

I'm writing in regard to the home which was presently purchased through you.

I just want to say that you did a great job. If you hadn't helped me through the process of buying a home, I would still be in the apartment.

I just want to say thank you. I hope you can make others as happy as you have made me.

This was a dream of mine to own a home; I never thought it would come true.

Wally, you made it come true because you had more confidence in me than I did; that I could do this.

Thanks again for believing in me.

Lucille Howard


Dear Mr. Dufrat,

We would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank you for your labours on our behalf, concerning the recent purchase of our house. We appreciated your prompt, courteous service throughout the various stages of transaction, and also the fact that you went out of your way for us, doing more than was merely expected of you. You made us, as buyers, feel very well cared for.

We wish you all the best in your future endeavours, and would gladly refer you to our family and friends.

Thank you, again, Wally!


John and Melanie Schultz
Brantford, Ontario


Thank you so much Wally for all the wonderful gifts.

The whole process of buying my first investment property went very well, and I look forward to doing it again!

Your service was excellent.  Don't change a thing.


Brantford, Ontario


Hi Wally.

Thank you very much for the "house warming" gift. It was a lovely collection of items that will be well used. How did you know that "Merlot" was Bill's favourite! I would be happy to have you use a quote from me in your marketing. It's easier for me to type something up than to mail you something, so here goes...
When my husband and I decided to look for an investment property that we could use as a rental dwelling, I "googled" Brantford Real Estate and quite by accident came up with Wally Dufrat's name. Not being a Brantford resident, I was not familiar with Wally, but decided to use his email service to let him know what kind of property we were looking for.  He was quick to respond and began sending us possible listings that met our criteria.  This information was updated frequently providing us with the most up to date listings.  When we were interested in a property, we would email Wally and he was always pleasant, prompt and accommodating when setting up viewings for us.  Many times, I asked Wally to set up viewings at the last minute, and he always complied. When we found the property that was right for us, he acted on our behalf with the seller to get us the best value he could.  We put a lot of trust in Wally and it paid off.  We found a home that we really liked, bought it for a good price and have provided a good home for a tenant.  After the sale, Wally followed up with us to ensure that everything had gone smoothly and even provided us with a lovely "house warming" gift.  We found Wally to be personable, knowledgeable and trust worthy and would recommend his services to anyone looking to buy or sell. 
Beth Conly-Edwards
Brantford, ON

Subject: quick note about your services
I chose to send an e-mail rather than the letter.

Thanks very much for your generous gift. I will keep this short in regards
to what I think about working with you in the purchase of the property made
this year. I think that the first positive thing I noticed is that you did
not try to sway me into buying something other that the criteria I
originally gave you. It can be frustrating when an agent does that because
it is a sign that he is in it only for his own interest and not the client.
Secondly, if you remember, the people we had to deal with in this purchase
were somewhat difficult through the negotiations, but you were very
systematic in going through all the necessary steps to get the deal done,
and did not react to the obstacles they put in front of you. Lastly, it was
appreciated that through this process, you gave me some tips as to how and
why certain things are done in the real estate business. It is always good
to learn what you can in any business, including the purchasing of a
property. I will call you again for any future real estate dealings.

Len Brak

Subject: Thank You!!!
Wally, you have outdone yourself again! Thank you sooooo.... much for all the wonderful housewarming gifts you have so generously given our family. There are numerous things I can say about you and that is you are there for your costumers. You gave us all the time we needed to make a decision and never felt like we were being push or rushed into anything. You invited us into your home and always made us feel welcome and at home. You were always on time and at our door with no questions asked. I will definitely be spreading the word about the great experience having you as our agent. I wish you all the best for you and your family.
Thank you again,
Chantelle, Phil and Liam and Rusty too!!!!