Four Brilliant Holiday Gifts You Can Only Get From Brantford

By Wally Dufrat

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and big box stores with crazy low prices are more in your face than ever this holiday season. It’s easy to get caught up in all of it — especially when you’re trying to save money. But what about the little guy? The local business? The store run by your next door neighbor that helps make Brantford the community that it is.
This Christmas think about supporting local business by doing your holiday shopping in Brantford. Here are four brilliant holiday gift ideas you can only get from Brantford, Ontario.

#1 – Any one of the gifts from Essentially Yours on Charing Cross

Essentially Yours is like Brantford’s own version of Etsy. It supplies unique pieces from over 40 local artisans. Ashleigh and Nancy opened their doors on August 1st, 2019, inspired by their own craft, selling Young Living Essential Oils. They saw a need for a local space to host their essential oil classes, but also for local artists to showcase and sell their work. This gem sells everything from armpit cream to coffee, sugar scrubs to hand-carved woodwork. Why not get a birch candle set for your Mother in Law? Or a charcoal and clay face mask for your sister? When they open it, they’ll know right away that they're getting something special.  

#2 — A Season’s Pass to Earl Haig Family Fun Park

With the increasing popularity of minimalism, more and more people are moving towards giving experiences rather than gifts this holiday season. If your kids are already getting plenty from the grandparents, why not skip the toys and promise them an entire summer spent at Earl Haig Family Fun Park? You can get a season’s pass for $99, which includes access to their 18-hole mini-putt course, batting cages, beach volleyball, lazy river, playground, pool, splash pad, and water slide. You're essentially giving the gift of summer fun.  

#3 – Tickets to ABBAMania at Sanderson Centre for the Performing Arts

Mamma Mia! It’s the next best thing to seeing Abba in concert. Both The New York Times and Rolling Stones are raving about the incredible cast of Abbamania — the world’s number one production of Abba. Hear hits from Waterloo, to S.O.S., to Dancing Queen. Not to mention you’ll also get to shake your booty to the Night Fever, a cover band for the Bee Gees. Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Stayin’ Alive! A guaranteed good night with your husband, wife, sister, or friend.  

#4 – A Shower Cupcake from the Bathtub Bakery

Yep. You heard that right. A shower cupcake. You see, Bathtub Bakery is a bath and body products store inspired by delicious bakery goodies. The owner, Brianne, not only runs the store, but also makes all the products by hand. Your loved ones are going to love her candles, gum drop bath bombs, shower cupcakes, donut melts for the bath, colorful soapsicles, and more. Brianne actually encourages custom orders so you can truly give a one-of-a-kind gift. Bath and Body Works has got nothing on the Bathtub Bakery.  
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